Privacy Policy

hereBme is an app which allows users to ascertain what3words addresses via real-time location, graphical map searches and text searches. Heori, the developers, have coded the app so that all processing is performed upon your device prior to the translation occurring. Heori do not collect, store or process any user data on external servers and we do not track any of the data which is sent to the providers that we use. Below are details about how your data is shared with the third parties.

what3words (w3w): hereBme sends either w3w addresses or latitude/longitude coordinates to the w3w server, along with our access credentials. The location specific data (addresses and coordinates) feature no identifiers as to whether they are current locations or map/text searches. Additionally, what3words only supply Heori with a generalized 'number of API calls' reading via their service, with no additional information. More details about what3word's privacy can be found at:

Microsoft/Bing Mapping: hereBme uses Microsoft/Bing mapping for both the graphical display of location data and to enable advanced search functionality within the software. In the case of the former; the only data we send from your device is lattitude/longitude coordinates and our access credentials. As with w3w, these contain no additional identifiers as to whether these requests are real-time locations or map/text searches. In the case of search data - if a search within hereBme doesn't match a lat/long coordinate or a what3words address we send the text from the search box, along with our access credentials and receive up to the user specified number of replies from Microsoft. From this point all further processing of this data occurs within the device and neither Heori or Microsoft are aware of what results are chosen by the end user. If the user has off-line (saved) maps for their search area/location, these are used to display the data. Where no saved maps exist upon the device, hereBme (via the Microsoft Map Control for UWP) will download the localised map data. This is cached within the device following your personal data settings.
As part of the API used, Microsoft request the native operating system of the device that is making the call. This data, along with a total number of API requests upon our credentials, is shared with Heori. We do not store this data but do find it bloody hillarious as our app only works upon devices that run Windows 10. Let's just say the pie chart is a boring monotone of blue… Further details about Microsoft/Bing Maps and be found at:

Messaging+Skype/WhatsApp and Maps app: Within hereBme we have integration with Microsoft's "Messaging+Skype", WhatsApp and Microsoft's Maps app. All are processed in identical methods. For the 'share' integration, your w3w address is combined with a user defined and editable message that is sent to either of these apps as a raw text stream and a URI identifier as to which app we'd like to accept this data. In the case of the maps app we send Lat/long coordinates, the w3w address and a URI identifier. No identifiable data is added and all data is processed within your device (and thus can occur off-line if you wish). Should any app be unavailable, Windows 10 will offer to find an appropriate app from the Windows Store, using the URI identifier only.
Microsoft's privacy policy can be found at:
WhatsApp's is available at: